a wearable growing device kit


Skinseed is a kit for making a wearable device that allows for growing food directly on our skin. The device has an absorbent layer that captures moisture and heat from our body and the seeds are placed inside. It also includes an adhesive coating that can bond to our skin and securely seal the seed patch. It is aimed to explore the possibility of establishing a symbiotic relationship between the human body and the food we eat.

Skinseed allows us to work with our physical body to generate food. It prompts the audience to rethink our relationship with our food. With Skinseed, we can draw the relationship closer to us by completing the cycle of the food chain on our skin.

What's Inside?


  • 10g Sucrose
  • 5g Medicago sativa
  • 5 Transparent dressings
  • 5 Gauze sponges
  • Dropper
  • Tweeter



1. Cut a gauze sponge into a 1.5 inch square.


2. Take out a transparent dressing.


3. Peel away the cover of the dressing.


4. Place 10 – 15 Medicago sativa in between layers of the sponge, using a tweezer.


5. Place the sponge onto the middle of the dressing.


6. Fill the dropper with water, and mix in some sucrose.


7. Drop a few drops of sucrose mixture onto the sponge.


8. A wearable food growing device is made. It is ready to get placed onto your skin.