A gluten-free snack kit


Papier is a kit for making gluten-free, low calories snacks. The snacks are made from an all-natural vegan ingredient. It is also sugar-free and fat-free. The kit includes edible rice papers, edible color makers, and a template. Users can create low calories snacks by tracing the template and cutting the desirable shapes from the edible paper.

Papier is aimed to push the boundary between real food and food-like products, while criticizing the phenomenon of techno-food. It illustrates an extreme case of techno-food; food-like products with no significant nutritional value that can still be perceived as healthy.

What's Inside?

  • 25 Edible paper
  • 5 Edible makers
  • Template
  • Scissors



1. Take out one piece of edible paper.


2. Place the template on top of the paper.


3. Trace the shapes with a edible maker.


4. Cut out the shapes.


5. Low-carioles, gluten-free snacks are made.