a soilless incubator kit


Agara is a kit for constructing a plants growing incubator that is designed for growing food in a soilless environment. With Agara, users can germinate and sprout various seeds inside sterile test tubes. It includes various types of seed and all the ingredients for making an agar growth medium. It provides an innovative perspective on raising food other than through conventional agriculture.

In Agara, the user can reimagine the ways we generate food through soilless culture. It also provides a very minimal way to grow food in a small and enclosed environment. Agara aims to create a change in awareness affecting individual habits and indirectly impacting how we interact with agriculture.

What's inside?

  • 20g Agarose
  • 5g Phaseolus vulgaris
  • 5g Glycine max
  • 5g Salvia hispanica
  • 5g Vigna angularis
  • 5g Lens culinaris
  • 5g Raphanus sativus
  • 5g Triticum aestivum
  • 5g Trifolium pratense
  • 3 Test tube
  • Tweezer



1. Mix 5g of agarose with 100 ml of hot water.


2. Take out a test tube.


3. Pour the agarose mixture inside the test tube. Wait until it solidifies.


4. Place a seed inside the test tube, using a tweezer.


5. Wait until it grows and start harvesting.